The GPSC hosts the Student Showcase as the academic segment of Homecoming weekend every fall on the University of Arizona Mall. Around one hundred students participate in this exhibition of undergraduate and graduate scholarship demonstrating the wide spectrum of University student research projects. With tens of thousands of visitors attending the two-day Homecoming event, Student Showcase offers students a significant forum for communicating the importance of their research to the broader University of Arizona community. Implemented in 1993 by the GPSC, Student Showcase represents the only student-run research exhibition of its magnitude in the United States. Students who participate in this event can be proud of their efforts and academic achievements. Demonstrating the valuable research that takes place with the help of local and state funds to everyone involved, Student Showcase also has the honor of including state representatives and many other community members as judges.


For more information about the GPSC Student Showcase, email gpsc@email.arizona.edu or visit the GPSC Student Showcase website.


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