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The Arizona Nevada Academy of Science (ANAS) is one of 47 regional scientific associations affiliated with the AAAS. First established in 1956, as the Arizona Academy of Science, the Academy's purpose "is to stimulate scientific research and education; to disseminate scientific knowledge in the various fields of science; to promote fraternal relationships among those engaged in scientific work; to assist in developing and in making known the material and other resources of those two states; to encourage the publication of reports of scientific investigations; and to unify the scientific interests of the region." Toward these ends ANAS publishes a refereed research journal (Journal of Arizona Nevada Academy of Science) and hosts a regional scientific meeting each year. Proceedings from these Annual Meetings and complete papers from the hydrology sessions of the meetings (Hydrology and Water Resources in Arizona and the Southwest) are included in the repository collection. The Academy is also affiliated with the Science Olympiad program and the Arizona SciTech Festival. All of ANAS' activities reflect the organization's commitment to the development of the next generation of scientists.


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