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The Geology of the Atlas Mine Area, Pima County, Arizona
Agenbroad, Larry D.
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The University of Arizona.
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The Atlas Mine is located on the northwest flank of the Silver Bell mountains; Silver Bell mining district, Pima County, Arizona. The deposit is high grade (?) sine-copper mineralization in an altered sedimentary sequence. Rocks in the area include Precambrian (?) alaskite; Permian (?) limestone, quartzite and siltstone; Tertiary (?) monzonite, quartz monzonite, quarts latite porphyry and dacite porphyry; and Quaternary alluvium. The limestone has been largely metamorphosed to a mass of tactite, siltstone has been locally metamorphosed to hornfels, and the quartzite has been silicified, locally shattered and altered. Mineralization is related to NE and E-W trending fault systems, and similarly trending intrusive dikes. Predominate ore minerals are sphalerite and chalcopyrite, associated with pyrite, specular hematite and “high temperature" silicates. Copper mineralization is related to the silicified sediments. Zinc mineralization is present in silicates but is more predominate in areas of recrystallized calcite and extensive garnetization, suggesting incomplete replacement of the original sediments by the silicates. Further exploration and development should be undertaken in areas of favorable structural control, and adjacent to favored intrusives.
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areal geology; Arizona; Atlas Mines; Pima County Arizona; United States; Geology -- Arizona -- Pima County.; Atlas Mine Region (Ariz.)
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Graduate College; Geology
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University of Arizona
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Anthony, John W.

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