Small Vertebrates of the Bidahochi Formation, White Cone, Northeastern Arizona

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Small Vertebrates of the Bidahochi Formation, White Cone, Northeastern Arizona
Baskin, Jon Alan
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The University of Arizona.
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Two taxa of amphibians, five taxa of reptiles, and eighteen taxa of mammals were collected by screen-washing sediments from the upper Bidahochi Formation at White Cone peak, northeastern Arizona. Five new species of mammals were recovered. They include Perognathoides bidahochiensis (Heteromyidae), Bensonomys yazhi (Cricetidae), Bensonomys bradyi (Cricetidae), Paronychomys alticuspis (Cricetidae), and Martes (Plionictis) repenningi (Mustelidae). Bensonomys yazhi and Bensonomys bradyi are close to the stem of Central and South Americal hesperomyine radiation. The radiation began in the southwest United States and Mexico during the Hemphillian. The middle member of the Bidahochi Formation is dated at 6.7 m. y. by a basalt from Roberts Mesa. The paleomagnetic data and the White Cone local fauna support this middle Hemphillian date.
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Amphibia; Arizona; Bensonomys; Bidahochi Formation; Carnivora; Cenozoic; Chordata; Cricetidae; Eutheria; faunal studies; Hemphillian; Heteromyidae; Mammalia; Martes; Miocene; Mustclidae; Myomorpha; Neogene; new taxa; northeast; occurrence; paleontology; Perognathoides; Pliocene; radiation; Reptilia; Rodentia; Tertiary; Tetrapoda; Theria; United States; Vertebrata; White Cone; Paleontology -- Arizona -- White Cone; Vertebrates -- Arizona -- White Cone; Vertebrates, Fossil
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Graduate College; Geosciences
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University of Arizona
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Lindsay, Everett H.

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