Structural Investigations of the Italian Trap Allochthon, Redington Pass, Pima County, Arizona

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Structural Investigations of the Italian Trap Allochthon, Redington Pass, Pima County, Arizona
Benson, Gregory Scott
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The University of Arizona.
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Italian Trap Allochthon is a rare upper-plate exposure of Paleozoic metasedimentary and Precambrian to Tertiary crystalline tectonites in the Santa Catalina-Rincon metamorphic core complex. Elsewhere in the complex, metasedimentary tectonite is usually restricted to an autochthononous position. The internal structures of the allochthon consist of numerous low-angle faults, tear faults, and overturned asymmetric and upright folds. Close association of the low-angle faults and asymmetric folds, and vergence of the folds, indicates that these folds were formed during westward transport along the low-angle faults. The structures of the allochthon are truncated and rotated to the northeast by a listric (?) normal fault. The probable shape of the fault surface, together with the northeastward rotation of the internal structures, suggests translation of the allochthon from the northeast to the southwest. The fact that metasedimentary tectonites are found in upper- plate position indicates that the listric (?) normal faulting post-dates the metamorphism of the Paleozoic and Mesozoic strata. Metamorphism in turn was part of the development of the Santa Catalina-Rincon metamorphic core complex. It is inferred that the Italian Trap Allochthon was emplaced in the final stages of profound regional extension which prevailed during the mid-Tertiary in southern Arizona.
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Arizona; Cenozoic; displacements; faults; Italian Trap Allochthon; Mesozoic; metamorphism; Paleozoic; Pima County Arizona; Precambrian; Redington Pass; Santa Catalina-Rincon Metamorphic Core Complex; structural geology; tectonics; tectonite; Tertiary; thrust faults; United States; Rock deformation -- Arizona -- Redington Pass; Geology, Structural -- Arizona -- Redington Pass; Faults (Geology) -- Arizona -- Redington Pass
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Graduate College; Geosciences
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University of Arizona
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Davis, George H.

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