The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research

In 1937 A. E. Douglass, founder of the modern science of dendrochronology, established the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research at the University of Arizona. The Tree-Ring Lab is recognized worldwide as a preeminent center for the advancement of tree-ring techniques and the broad application of dendrochronology in the social and environmental sciences.

The Tree-Ring Lab Reports collections consist of items from the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research at The University of Arizona. The materials in this collection were digitized from physical copies from the Tree-Ring Lab, as part of a collaborative project between the Lab and the University Libraries.

For more information about items in this collection, please contact the Lab's Curator, (520) 621-1608 or see http://ltrr.arizona.edu.

For more information about collections from the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, visit http://ltrr.arizona.edu.


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